Konferencja podsumowująca projekt Restart BSR

Final conference of the Restart BSR project! Loss of financial liquidity, a shrinking number of customers or limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are just some of the many problems faced by entrepreneurs. Such situations are to be prevented by the tools developed in the Restart BSR project, which builds the foundations for the system of supporting enterprises in crisis and encourages business owners to start new business ventures (the so-called Restarters). One of the main challenges of the project is to develop the institutional capacity of governmental and local government authorities, entities supporting innovation, business environment institutions or employers' organizations to support companies in a difficult situation. Six partners were involved in the Restart BSR project - the Lower Silesian Intermediate Body, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia, the Latvian Technological Center Foundation, Design School Kolding from Denmark, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University from Lithuania and the Estonian business supporting organization Harju County Entrepreneurship and Development Consultancy, which work together on the creation and implementation of a support model for struggling business in four pilot countries - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. The lead partner of the project was the Intermediate Body of Lower Silesia. As part of the RestartBSR project, numerous recommendations were developed for policy makers in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland in the field of building and strengthening institutional capacity to support companies in a difficult financial situation. Recommendations for policy makers were presented during the final conference of the Restart BSR project, which took place on November 24, 2021 in Wrocław.

We publish link to the final conference of the Restart BSR project - https://youtu.be/AvLQaf7ITAw


We publish links to the live broadcast of the final conference of the Restart BSR project.

English version - https://youtu.be/AvLQaf7ITAw


Publikujemy linki do transmisji na żywo konferencji finałowej projektu Restart BSR.

Polish version -  https://youtu.be/EF-e9XzcCys 



We hereby invite you to register applications to participate in the Final Conference of the Interreg Restart BSR project (on-line or on site), which will be held on November 24 in Wrocław at Mercure Hotel Plac Dominikański 1, 50-159 Wrocław, from 9.00-15.30



Supporting partners

  • Restart Svendborg
  • Ministry of Agriculture Lithuania
  • Bundesministerium fur Wirtschaft und Energie
  • Dolny Śląsk
  • Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne
  • Nacionalines Pletros Institutas
  • Team Restart