IV National Workshops for Poland

The aim of the 4th National Workshop in the Restart BSR program, organized on May 27, 2021

year at the seat of the Lower Silesian Intermediate Body, was to supplement and create by the Advisory Council the final version of the so-called Road map.

During the 4th workshop, many issues were discussed. At the beginning, representatives of the Company Foundation

Families paid attention to the status of other programs and projects as well as the introduced changes to the law in Poland. The Restart project is to complement the activities undertaken by the European Commission and the governments of the Member States. The assumptions of the Restart BSR project is to expand the idea of ​​helping enterprises in a crisis and contact the legislator and present the developed recommendations, indirectly facilitating the implementation of new solutions.

Then the representatives of the FFR presented the current state of development of financial instruments

created to support Polish companies that found themselves in crisis, including those that suffered as a result of the pandemic.

Later, Patryk Filipiak, restructuring advisor, lawyer who follows the implementation of the Preventive Restructuring Directive took the floor. The directive defines the interests of creditors, and also protects financing issues, helping entities wishing to provide support services to companies in crisis. Finally, the directive also regulates the goals and model of debt relief. The procedures, according to experts, must be simplified. Ultimately, they emphasize, the directive will take into account all SMEs.

The participants of the meeting also discussed the New Chance Policy, which appeared in parallel to the government's anti-crisis shield program. It focuses on providing funds through cheap loans to entrepreneurs affected by the coronavirus pandemic. These distributes ARP.

FFR represents Poland within the RescEWE (Erasmus Plus) project. New tools created

to increase business resilience will be verified over time and then tailored to fit

measure, in order to adjust them to Polish reality. A framework for cooperation between the Restart BSR and ResC-EWE initiatives has been established. Participants will be able to share the tools developed under both of these projects.

To sum up the changes in the business environment caused by the coronavirus pandemic, no

way not to notice. Perhaps in 2 years it will be necessary to use the same

assets differently as the environment changes.

In the workshop part, the participants were divided into three working groups, each of which received one of the stages of the "entrepreneur support path" to develop:




Each group worked with reference to the information and recommendations developed by the Advisory Board at the three previous national workshops, as well as expert recommendations.

The comments were written down and included in the meeting report and will be used to create the final version of the roadmap for official bodies and entities. All suggestions introduce constructive modifications to the path of support for entrepreneurs in crisis and, according to the authors, should be taken into account at the stage of creating policies.


Supporting partners

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