The main goal of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region is to build an institutional and innovative business in order to run a business. 

The Interreg program in the years 2014-2020 supports cooperation projects in the fields of: innovation, effective management of natural resources and sustainable transport. The most money was allocated to priority 1 (Potential for innovation) and 2 (Effective management of natural resources). This program also supports the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The program is managed by the Investment Bank of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), the Joint Secretariat is located in Rostock and Riga.

The overall objective of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region program is to strengthen integrated territorial development and to co-operate for more innovative, more accessible and sustainable development of the Baltic Sea region. The program promotes transnational cooperation and integration through projects. The program uses opportunities and solves problems that require a joint reaction of partners from several countries of the Baltic Sea region.

The purpose of the Restart BSR project is to build the institutional potential of innovative entities to support companies in a difficult financial situation and ReStarters (companies that have been closed, and former owners want to start new business ventures). ReStarter capacity-building activities are aimed at reducing the number of bankruptcies, increasing the number of start-ups. The above actions are to improve the results of the Baltic Sea Region countries in terms of process innovations, which will ensure better prospects for growth and job creation in the region.

The basic assumptions of the project are as follows:

  • By providing crisis management skills and innovative support to companies in financial distress, innovation actors can help reduce bankruptcies, and help enterprises launch innovative activities that will increase their prospects for growth and job creation.
  • Providing support to advisors providing services to entities starting up in the field of innovation, entities operating in the field of innovation will be able to help owners of companies that have gone bankrupt to obtain a second chance and increase the growth potential of the company established under the ReStarter.

The activities provided for in the BSR Restart project are organized in four Project Tasks:

  • WP1: Project management, analysis and development of guidelines
  • WP2: Development of the concept and checking of project assumptions
  • WP3: Capacity building
  • WP4: Analysis and development of guidelines
  • WP5: External communication and dissemination

In order to achieve the set communication goals, the basis of strategy will be the composition of various activities and instruments. Thanks to this, it will be possible to reach a wide spectrum of target groups through various information channels and information methods, to ensure the necessary transparency at all levels.

Project budget: EUR 1.6 million

Lead partner: Lower Silesian Intermediate Body, Poland

Project partners:

  • Design School Kolding – Denmark,
  • Harju County Enterpreneuship and Development Consultancy – Estonia,
  • Vilnius Geadiminas Technical University – Lithuania
  • Latvian Technological Center Foundation – Latvia
  • Ministry of Economics of Republic of Latvia – Latvia