Latvian Technological Center (LTC) is an innovation and technology-oriented business support structure – business acceleration centre, which stimulates establishment and growth of knowledge-based SMEs by creating relationships between research and industry as well as encouraging SMEs for trans-national cooperation. Year of the foundation – 1993.

The main objectives of LTC are the following:

  • To fill the gap between institutions of higher education and research and industry;
  • To promote foundation of small and medium sized enterprises for production of technology-based and high-tech products;
  • To create contacts between industry and research laboratories;
  • To promote international economic and scientific collaboration for development of competitive products;
  • To create jobs for highly-qualified craftsmen and researchers;
  • To promote the formation of society open to innovation.

LTC was founded by Riga Municipality, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physical Energetics and Latvian National Quality Association. LTC management is supervised by board, whose members are appointed by the founders which are state owned organizations and regional government.

Harju County Development Consultancy (HEAK) is an independent development and advising foundation type organization whose services are focused on Harju County. HEAK provides consultations and offers trainings for potential, start-up and operating companies, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and local authorities.

The main target groups and services are the following:

For Companies

  • General business consultancy, starting an enterprise/company: establishment, registration, etc.
  • Financial consultancy and writing of a business plan
  • Development of business
  • Involvement of enterprise support
  • Starting exportation
  • Mentorship
  • Business trainings
  • Support for investing activities, intermediation and obtainment of investment inquiries


  • Counselling on establishment of non-governmental organisations, project management, etc.
  • Writing of articles of association
  • Trainings
  • Counselling on involvement of grants

For Local Authorities

  • Counselling on development ideas
  • Finding resources for development activities
  • Preparation of grant applications, etc.

HEAK was founded of 1998 by Harju County local municipalities and private companies. Mainly we provide our services free of charge.

Also, HEAK is a member of County Development Centres Network. This network involved 15 development centers over Estonia.

Ministry of Economics is the leading state administration institution in the field of economic policy formation in Latvia. The functions of the Ministry are to develop economic policy, organise and coordinate the implementation of economic policy, ensure international economic cooperation and perform other functions specified in external regulatory enactments. In order to ensure the fulfilment of these functions, the Ministry develops and implements structural economic policy, industrial policy, energy policy, external economic policy, internal market policy (goods and services), business development policy, competitiveness and technology development policy, consumer protection policy, construction and housing policy and other policies in the fields specified in the regulatory enactments. – base account - base account, most important about the activities of the Ministry - information on support for entrepreneurs and other current information - Ministry Photo Gallery - video on ministry spots, more with emphasis on entrepreneurs' interests