Harju County Development Consultancy (HEAK) is an independent development and advising foundation type organization whose services are focused on Harju County. HEAK provides consultations and offers trainings for potential, start-up and operating companies, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and local authorities.

The main target groups and services are the following:

For Companies

  • General business consultancy, starting an enterprise/company: establishment, registration, etc.
  • Financial consultancy and writing of a business plan
  • Development of business
  • Involvement of enterprise support
  • Starting exportation
  • Mentorship
  • Business trainings
  • Support for investing activities, intermediation and obtainment of investment inquiries


  • Counselling on establishment of non-governmental organisations, project management, etc.
  • Writing of articles of association
  • Trainings
  • Counselling on involvement of grants

For Local Authorities

  • Counselling on development ideas
  • Finding resources for development activities
  • Preparation of grant applications, etc.

HEAK was founded of 1998 by Harju County local municipalities and private companies. Mainly we provide our services free of charge.

Also, HEAK is a member of County Development Centres Network. This network involved 15 development centers over Estonia.